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Services we provide include: Appraisals (Condition and Valuation), Insurance Surveys, Pre-Purchase and Damage Inspections. Please call for an estimate - there are too many variables to list prices here.


Click on links in the descriptions or photos below to view sample surveys.


These are sample surveys. The type of survey you choose for your vessel will change the intensity of the survey. 


Appraisals - Condition and Valuation Surveys. To gather information on the vessel to calculate fair market value. This is a valuation survey only, intended for the purposes of financing, estate settlements, donations and legal cases.

Insurance Surveys - To assist the insurance company in determining if your vessel is an acceptable risk, mainly concerned with structural integrity for the intended use.

Pre-Purchase Inspection - The most detailed and comprehensive survey to ensure your investment. Condition and overall operation, to include structural integrity, out of water inspection, sea trial, electrical, propulsion and fuel systems, navigation, machinery and other on board systems, and overall maintenance as well as cosmetic appearance.  

Damage Inspection - To determine the extent of the damage, recommend and provide a cost evaluation of possible repairs and determine probable cause if required.

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